It all began with a family and a friendship, with our passion for dogs and also a certain concept of style.
Dog again dresses your dog in creations personalized for them, bringing together comfort originality and elegance.

First encounter

It all began with June, a Border collie adopted from an animal shelter and Julie the instigator of Dog Again, a person who is passionate about  fashion and an ardent dog lover.
With a dog as unique as June, Julie was inspired to create a unique clothing line
Dog Again is a certain concept of style that brings together comfort and elegance a unique line of clothing, created specifically for dogs
It’s good to have ideas but then we just had to put them into action !

A family affair together with a friendship

So we called upon Francoise, a childhood friend and expert in fashion design. Who worked alongside some leading fashion designers and who was a costume designer for the theater.
To go from a recognized costume designer to a designer for a clothing line for dogs was easy for her as she has created a range of great fashion classics for your little doggy :
This ranges from the Trench coat, the Black jacket, the Trapper jacket, the Reefer jacket to even  some strapless dresses...

We would just like to emphasize that we are the designers and producers of these items and not just retailers.

With her persistance and conviction Julie has roped her father and mother into her adventure.
Olivier, a graphic designer for 30 years and Danièle head of marketing and sales and not forgetting Louis, Julie’s husband who is a computer engineer who « drives » the internet site and its Back-end to provide you a quick and efficient service.
The fact that this is a family affair with a shared love of dogs has made it easy to make decisions and we are thus more efficient all round.

Couture the French ‘savoir-faire’

We share common ground with respect to ethics : the choice of French savoir faire, which respects the men and women who produce our models.
We have made the choice to produce in a small series in a solidarity workshop approved by the State which guarantees the French savoir faire, meaning  quality materials and excellent manufacturing.
In addition, our employees are respected and are paid in relation to their training and their skills.
It’s a win-win situation !!!

« Created in Corsica, made in France »


Dog again was established in Corsica. A small island in the Mediterranean, the birth place of  Napoleon. Even with its natural boundary, the sea, it is a gateway to the world.
The strength and the creativity that we draw from this island makes the difference and underpins all the stages in the making of our creations.

Saddlery : collars & leashes

It was here in Corsica that we met Anne-Marie, a saddler who was trained at the Haras du Pin. She creates and makes our collars and leashes in full grain leather or in biothane. She brings real creativity and originality thanks to her training, her sensitivity and her love of animals.
Anne Marie is not only a saddler but a beekeeper and a horse breeder, she really knows how to talk to animals !!!
As a result the models she creates and produces for Dog again are beautiful and meaningful and for you will become an essential.

To conclude

Dog Again, a professional business based on love friendship and affinity is positioned at the top end of the market for clothing and saddlery.
We do have a particular idea of elegance ‘French style’.

We respect your dog and give it style !!!