U Cursinu, or the Corsican Dog
U Cursinu, or the Corsican Dog

The Dog

From its Latin name "canis lupus familiaris", it was genetically differentiated from the gray wolf about 100,000 years ago. He is the first species domesticated by Man. One in two French households owns a pet. In 2015, 7.3 million of them were dogs. There are 342 different races in the world, notwithstanding a dozen that are still not recognized for the time being. Since February 2015, animals are perceived as sensitive by the French civil code.

The cursinu

A typical dog from the island of Corsica whose trace is found from the sixteenth century. Its medium size and powerful build makes it a very popular hunting dog, especially for wild boar hunting.
He has many qualities if he has an education adapted to the expectations specific to his race, that is to say a clear and simple education that is based on trust.

He has always been trained to gather the flocks and watch over the sheepfolds. Its natural distrust of the unknown makes it a must watch dog present in many Corsican homes, perfectly suited to family life.
It is a dog who is very affectionate if he trusts his master. According to the strength of the bond which unites them, he will find himself the perfect companion, displaying a fidelity without fault, possessing remarkable courage. Its versatility is honored at competitions, fairs and dog shows, such as that of Vico held on May 27, 2018.
But the cursinu can be a proud and likely dog: in case of disagreement, he ignores his owner until he recognizes his wrongs. The breed requires a fairly intensive physical activity: indeed, the cursinu needs freedom, to run, to look for prey and objects. Once all this is accomplished, he can adapt to living indoors, in apartment or in the city. But do not forget that it is a dog who loves nature and long walks.

This Corsican dog, whose name is derived from popular speech, is essentially rural and particularly used for pastoral purposes. The collapse of this environment as well as the enthusiasm of people for so-called "specialized" breeds almost caused its demise. Fortunately, at the fair of Veru in 1988 people were worried about this decline and undertook, with the support of the Regional Park of Corsica and the federations of hunting of the island, an action of safeguarding this pillar of the animal inheritance island.
A "cursinu club" was created a few years ago, affiliated to the Central Canine Society, officially representing the breed at national and international level. There are twenty-one breeders divided between Corsica and the continent and all are members.

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