2018 The year of the dog !
2018 The year of the dog !

The year of the dog

according to the Chinese horoscope. it is also this year that launched our brand "Dog Again", reserved only for our four-legged friends.

Since February 16, 2018, date of the Chinese new year, the dog is in the spotlight. If you were born in the years 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 or 2006, then you are Dog. Your lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 9, your colors are red, green and purple and your flowers are pink, orchid and cymbidium.
You are probably loyal and honest, basically good but also cautious, even suspicious. You strive to fill the people you love or who find favor with your eyes.
The dog has an easy personality that allows him to settle for a peaceful life and simple things in life. He is always ready to help and cares little about his personal interest. On the other hand, he does not support treason and deviousness. The dog, who can shine with optimism, can also be very pessimistic, which makes him take a critical look at the world around him and the situations he goes through.

Before trusting, the dog takes the time to examine and observe the other. He does not give his loyalty lightly since if he builds a relationship with others, he will try to make it last as long as possible. He prefers to suffer than to inflict pain on his accomplices. From a sentimental point of view, the dog does not fall easily in love. Moreover, if it happens to him, he reveals himself to be boundlessly loyal.
Ethics and aversion to injustice are his mantras.
If you do not recognize yourself in this description, it is partly because there are different kinds of "dogs": indeed, a theory is advanced according to which the personality of each person is determined according to his sign and the element that corresponds to his year of birth.
Among the famous dog natives, we find Elvis Presley and Winston Churchill, Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber.

The dog woman

The dog woman is protective, loyal, altruistic and sociable. His entourage knows he can always count on her. Of a generous nature, she does not hesitate to give her time to the people she loves. When she makes a decision, she rarely changes her mind. She is understanding and enthusiastic.

The dog man

He is just and understanding. He is always looking for a family environment that he sometimes finds in his circle of friends or work. Not enduring injustice, he is endowed with a flawless morality. He is protective and defensive against strangers. He attaches paramount importance to the human relationship. Affectionate, he can become taciturn and sulky when a situation proves delicate.

DOG again

You will understand, if the dog is honored this year it is not only in terms of astrology. Indeed, it is also on the front of the scene in terms of fashion thanks to our brand "Dog again". Inspired by the biggest, and taking advantage of our principle of limited models, guarantee your best friend a wardrobe at once unique and quality. He will be at the forefront of style with our range of upholstery and outfits made for him. Affirm his identity with class and panache while ensuring an inimitable style, join us!

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